Devin scott

Devin is a Canadian Martial Arts, Parkour, and Gymnastics instructor with 5 years of professional experience coaching Parkour and Gymnastics, and over 20 years of experience as a Martial Artist. In addition to coaching Parkour and Gymnastics, Devin has taught self defence, weapons defence and combat, and stage combat and is the creator and founder of the Ansatsudo combat art. He has worked with ages 1 to 70, and prefers working with people who are driven and determined to better themselves and their community.


Katka Scott

Kat is a New Zealand/Canadian Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic/Holstic healer and Reiki Master. She has been a Poi Fire dancer for 13 years and has a background in Ballet, Jazz, Funk, Irish and Belly Dance. She is passionate about holistic health, wellness, and clean living. Kat is a 2200 hour Massage Therapist certified in Alberta, as well as a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher since 2014 (GaiaTri). She specializes in Injury Rehabilitation, and has a passion and knack for getting to the root of problems. One of Katka's other big passions is in Pre & Postnatal yoga & massage, as a mother herself she loves working with other moms and moms to be and is in training to be a Doula and Natural Birth Educator. Kat likes to work with people of all ages, and especially with people who are on transformational paths of self healing and self love.


Jeffery Earl

Meet Coach Jeffery!

Coach Jeffery started training under Devin in 2016. He has been extremely diligent and passionate. He started learning how to coach at the beginning of 2018 and has since developed great mentoring and coaching skills. An awesome student and coach all around. Our students adore him!

He currently helps teach parkour foundations classes and skills classes, and you'll often see him helping out at our PA & Summer Camp days!

"I like that I am a role model for the students, and how they look up to me. I like to see the students progress and learn new skills. I also enjoy learning new skills and have the freedom to teach others." - Coach Jeffery


Merrick Van Eik

Meet the newest member of our team! Merrick Van Eik, one of our Advanced students and a Volunteer Coach in Training.

Merrick is an exception athlete, with a background in Gymnastics he excels at all forms of flips.

He began Volunteering under Coach Devin in Fall of 2018 and is well on his way to becoming a full Coach!

You will often find Merrick helping out with our Tot’s N’ Tykes classes and our Parkour Foundations classes.